Investing for Beginner (best way to invest money)

If you're new to investing, it can look pretty complicated. But it doesn't need to be. We have put together A Beginner's Guide to Investing to take you, one step at a time, from determining your investing budget, to deciding what to buy. To start putting your money to work,.

How much to invest?
Your investment strategy will depend partly on how much you want to invest.

$50 a month or more, a lump sum of less than $10,000 or more.
The key is to make sure all your eggs don't end up in one basket. Invest in five or six different types of mutual funds. The trick here is not to jump into the market all at once. Put one-twelfth of your money into the market each month for a year, a technique known as dollar-cost averaging.

The one-fund option
Rather than spend your time cobbling together a full-blown investment portfolio, let a mutual fund company do the work for you. A number of fund companies offer one-fund solutions, which themselves own other mutual funds.

Build a portfolio
By investing in different size companies, various sectors of the economy, and other parts of the world, you reduce the chance that problems in any one area will sink your investing goals. Choose five mutual funds that will cover all your investing bases.

Follow a guru
For a more active approach to investing, let an expert guide your steps. Get a lot of knowledge, buy ebook about Investment etc.

Open an account and get started
There are different account types for different goals. Is this fun money, set aside to build a vacation fund? Or will you be buying groceries with the investment returns when you're 85? Choose wisely.