Discover the Best Way to Invest Money Without Too Much Risk

The best way to invest money is something that very few people know. Most people just invest randomly and lose money because of it. What they don't know is that investing in penny stocks is the best way to invest money and make that money back extremely quickly. Once of the problems though is that while there are a lot of people who know about penny stocks, most of them do not know how to invest in them properly and end up losing a good deal of money because of that. You can avoid this though.

Tips for the Best Ways to Invest Money

There are three basic types of investments:

  • Ownership investments � these are ownership in a business whether you are a full, part time or silent partner.
  • Lending investments � this means you lend your money to an organization that pays you back with interest. They could also be in the form of certificates of deposit and the money is then invested elsewhere and you get a share of the profits generated from the return.
  • Cash Equivalents � this investment can easily be converted to cash such as mutual funds savings accounts, etc.

Some things to consider about investing your money are:

  • Always put aside money each month to invest. Do without something if you have to, buy pay yourself first with an investment.
  • Choose your investments with the objective of making your money grow. Think long term and don�t expect results over night.
  • Look at the small print when investing. Try to reduce or avoid having to pay sales commissions because this will cut into the amount you actually have to invest.
  • Don�t panic and sell immediately if the stock market drops. Think long term.
Keep your investments simple, and stick to mutual funds that have solid three- to five-year track records and low expenses. You can even opt to have the fund company make automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account to force you to save.

If you run your own business, you can decide whether you want to invest a percentage of your gross or your net income. I use the gross, which obviously gives me a higher budget. Use whatever figure you feel most comfortable with.

In order to identify the best places to get rich, we looked at five criteria: the number of investments made by local venture capital firms, the number of active venture capital firms in the area, education level of the workforce, proximity to a major university or research center, and, in the belief that like follows like, the number of local billionaires in the area.

by: abgajoy